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Life in Japan

Introducing restaurants with English menus and stores that offer English service, and introducing facilities that offer services in various foreign languages.

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Sushi Nagai


Japanese culture experience Have fun learning and experience the depth of Japanese culture.

和文化体験 楽しく学んで、どうぞ和文化の奥深さに触れてください。

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Min Ateljé


"My Atlier" in Swedish where moms can spend quality time to themselves


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My Best Pro


"Web Guide for Finding Local Experts"
A "Web Guide for Finding Local Experts" is an online tool that assists in locating local professionals and services. This web guide categorizes experts and businesses in various fields, allowing users to search based on specific needs or requirements. Categories may include law, healthcare, home services, education, and more. The guide provides easy access to information about services offered by local experts, along with their contact details.


Work in Japan

If you want to work in Japan, part time job, full time job, we will introduce your work style and industry, such as an environment with foreign employees.


Free Wave


For foreign models, half models, narrators, and other foreign talents, trust in the 31-year history and track record of Free Wave. We specialize in casting highly skilled foreign models quickly for commercials, events, movies, television, and more. Choose Free Wave for efficient casting and impressive results.



Procell Works


Procell Works engages with users who have mental or developmental disabilities, focusing on their strengths, motivation, and aspirations. We provide job opportunities, education, and life support to contribute to fulfilling and enriching living conditions for all our users.


Application for Utilization

If you would like to use a facility or have some questions, please contact us here.

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